Sunday, January 25, 2009


After watching Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime, it was clear that self worship is very important. We are all humans and have feelings. There are certain people in this world that at times just don't understand your ways or who you really are. It gets to us, and gets us down and out at times. Just like you worship your personal beliefs,or the jeans that make your booty look fab,or the sneakers in your closet no one has, and makes you look od fresh. You should worship yourself cause if you don't no one will. If your the person tha bashes people because they are not like you. STOP and THINK to yourself, what your doing to their SOUL, EGO and CONFIDENCE. If your the person that questions everything you do and why you dont fit in, different is a always a plus.
"The man who sleeps on the floor, does not fall out the bed at night"
*Quan Hughes from Randy Ramont Clothing

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