Friday, January 9, 2009

Ab0uT Me

Instead of me telling you about myself.
I asked a few people that know me best to describe me.


Eujenya is a very different and unique person. She's very down to earth
but goofy at the same time. She's very organized and disorganized all at
the same time and that's exactly what makes her very special.
* Quan Hughes CEO of Randy Ramont Clothing

HMMMMM... To describe my sis little miss i would have to say UNIQUE.. SOOOO F*&@% 1 OF A KIND!!!!SHE IS A GREAT SISTER understanding not selfish there when she is needed. she is also my best friend and she is great as that as well oh yeah she is the biggest goof ball i know (besides cheetah bro) much more about lil miss maria perez but if i let u know all of her great qualities U WILL TRY TO COPY!!!! lmao
*Sheena Cole Creative Director of Randy Ramont Clothing

To sum it up in a nutt shell Eujenya is a free spirit with amazing creativity & and bubbly personality. The fact that she is so down and humorious, makes it a absolute Breeze to work with her. Eujenya is playful.. But can switch the professional button on really fast. She has had her fair share of obstacles in life like many. But she has supass them and truley is a blossoming wildflower making her mark in the world.
*Pep from Composition inc also my fav Make-up Artist

though she & I dont speak everyday i love her soooo muchhh!
* Pinky

Eujenya is the biggest loser i know... just playing she is super cool and one of a kind
i have fun with her all the time. I cant wait to work with you girl much love.
* Tammy Photographer

Eujenya is a kind hearted person and the greatest sister
* Sharea
You're not a joint son!
but i f&^*s with u!
* Mari from High Society

Def. wild chick with a mean style even tho you be trying pick on a dude.
I still mess with her.
* Fabe

She's a dope person and cool to chill wit...
* Nile from High Society

A very UNIQUE & WILD, but also very sweet i would say she's like a sour patch kid
her stlye is wild kool too!
* dorene