Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ghost In The Machine


I cant believe she said that, she knew how i felt, she knew how bad i wanted it and now look. He doesnt want it like a do and he still accomplished my goal, my dreams and now its ok for me to go after it. Before it was a problem "You wont make it, all they would want you to do is nude, you do not have what it takes, but now that your brother has accomplished your dream maybe he can open doors for you." Do you know what i said to that? I rather climb a forty story building and enter threw the window and say "hey, how's it going? Im Eujenya nice to meet you, dont mind me just came by to make history."

Years of hearing "hey, have you ever thought of modeling?", "You should model", "Yo! make a move you have the look for it why not?" and the answers remaining the same "Yea I thought about it but i dont know, i'll look into it." ask me did I, Yea ok.

Until one faithful working day. A co-worker/model that goes by the name of Armadale

asked "hey, let me talk to you for a minute, have you ever thought of modeling?" I said my favorite line "Yea I thought about it but I dont know, I'll look into it." her response shocked me

"well im having a photoshoot next week saturday and your coming I told the photographer about you so bring atleast 2 outfits." My jaw dropped just to think someone i just met thought i had the potential to become Eujenya the model.


Armadale and I

my first photoshoot

The ghost in the machine was charged up and ready.....

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  1. This is very a good look for you. Im happy to see that your taking your career to the next level. With all your ambition and goals,im sure that you'll succeed and make it to exactly where you want to make it.

    Much love.