Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sometimes I need motivation too.....
This is conversation between Karim Goose Spaulding and I.

ME: hey there,
I need a fav, I'm at a stand still and I need words of motivation. Can you help?

But, I'll play along.....motivation for???

ME: I believe in myself but I also believe I make things hard for me... arghhh you said enough lol I have to just do it. all this is lack of work that's all.

KARIM: We playing from the last lane my lady, so we are hard on ourselves...and honestly what's wrong with making things hard for yourself, think of it as challenging yourself or self motivation...when you grow up in struggle all you know is struggle and I don't know bout you but when I'm not struggling i feel....uncomfortable, like I'm living someone Else's life....being a creative is one of the most difficult things in this world but it's also the most fulfilling because we make it with only what God gave us....Your shit is dope and your a beautiful looking girl, that alone gives you an advantage, but to top that you are have a unique outlook on things the average person overlooks in their daily life...You are right about what you said "...I just have to do it" there it goes. I think after we were facebooking the other day I went thru all your pics and was like this girl is dope! I need her to do something with Colourful Money before she blow and I can't get to her.

ME: you said everything i am and i believe in. and that's dope i take my bow off for you. There is alot of people that don't understand who i am, and that's only because they don't know themselves. your awesome!!!!!

KARIM: you're 100000% correct those that begin to understand themselves are more adept at understanding a matter of fact I'm going to write that down...FIRST ourselves then THE WORLD!!!

The face behind the words