Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Confess

I must confess most of the things that I want I do not need
The person I want to be with wants to be with others
It bugs me at times that all my friends are in relationships and I'm not
I think to myself I'm glad I'm not in relationship when I see my friends argue with there boyfriends
I want loss 8 pounds
Most guys that I've dealt with still wants parts smh
Most guys want to rebuild... I'm not with it.
I sing and dance in the mirror I can teach some these performers how to really do it lol
I'm shy at time hehehehe
I like to look at men when they wear sweat pants lmfaooo
I do most of my writing out the blue
I love ryan leslie trey songz drake kid cudi :) :) :) :)
While I wrote I believe the guy next me got a sneak peak of my boobie nasty man!!!!!

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