Friday, July 23, 2010

I left?????

I hate being rejected
It makes me regret things
But leaves more space for reflection.
I know life is full of rejection regrets and reflections.
And I bet next week I'll say the same shit.
But for now this is a reflection.
So I'm going to move to the next shit
Cause nothing in this world was giving to by the world
The world is my home n the world is what I have under me
So I'm standing on top of the world

Cause nothing is same unless you keep fucking with lames
And your a reflections of your friends n mate
And as you see I keep wide open circle you come and go as you please
Cause there's so much wrong of me
But you always have the choice to leave and be
Mate wat mate
Lol I mate but him I never been on a date.
So its ok if when if we lay for now
Cause I'll be gone once you close ur eyes and I'm not going to lie that I like you but I also like the color blue, red, and pink.......
But I can't wait for that sunny day
That reflect and finally say I left.