Monday, March 15, 2010

Jessica Simpson's "The Price Of Beauty" on VH1

Today is the first episode and I can not wait.. finally a show with a purpose :) who will be watching with me :)

Jessica, Ken and CaCee are on their way to Bangkok! First stop Thai massage! After a brutal twisting by their massage therapists, the cast is off to meet Sonia, their beauty ambassador in Thailand. Sonia leads the gang through the open market where they learn that Thai women like their skin to be as fair as possible. Enter Panya, a woman disfigured by the overuse of bleaching cream. Jessica is moved to tears by Panya's emotional story. Up next, Jessica visits a monastery where she gets the giggles while attempting to meditate with a monk! Finally, the cast ventures to the outskirts of Thailand to visit the Karen Hill Tribe of "ring neck women" where they witness a little girl getting her first of many rings to come. Jessica, Ken and CaCee are adorned with their own rings and celebrate this exotic beauty ritual with a traditional feast! (via

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