Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eujenya Interviews Sheena CEO of Reveal Your Truidentity

Q. What is Reveal Your Tru Identity?
A.Reveal your Tru identity is an accessory line filled with nothing but creativity.
It was made with the main purpose to provide everyone with their own unique product.
I always hated duplicates and copy cats so with my accessories that whole issue will never be a problem because you will never look like another.

Q. How did you come up with the name?
A. Good question, hmmmm once you understand the concept the name comes naturally.
my accessories are one of a kind, I never make two of the same thing .. so sum all that up and POW you got Reveal Your Tru Identity.

Q. Where are you from?
A. ATL shawty!!!!!! no seriously I'm from Brooklyn New but shout out to Gucci and shawty Lo

Q. Where can consumers find your product?
A. You can find it on my website @

Q. Which one is your favorite piece?
A. I would have to say my very 1st bag....I love love love bugs..proof is my tattoo ;) this bag was filled with bees, flies, hornets, lady bugs and flowers. The colors the bugs everythings just screamed SHEENA!!!! dont judge me!!

Oh yeah...shout out to that friend who still has my bag....smdh wont say no names..

Q. Does each bag have A name?
A. NO, but each bag has an identity of its very own. Each bags identitys with its owner.

Q. What is a trend you cant live without?
A. Umm trends burn them, I dont follow them..that would be costly..trends fade easily.. i cant afford new clothes every 2 I know my identity and what fits me.. its all about personality i wear whatever whenever I want.. trends force ppl into categories ... and i was born to stand out!!!

Q. What crowd are you marketing for?
A. My accessories are marketed towards everyone who wants to be different.. everybody who loves to stand out in the crowd. anybody whos interested in showing their individuality.

Q. Who inspires you or what?
A. I guess you can say life inspires me..... the elements,rain,wind,sun,nature and my favorite color.

Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Fav food....hmm lost with that one.. dont have a fav but I only eat chicken and fish so i guess anything like that..

Q. Do you mind personal questions?
A. No, shoot!!! hit me with your best shot..lmao

Q. Where did u get those boots from?
A. If I tell you then I got to kill you.......but they are Chloe so I guess you can google them.

Q. How would you describe yourself?
A. Creative chick with an appetite for offbeat life and style.... I have an independent streak. I confidently stride through life at my own time and pace..I am different, yet the same.. I get confused, but I always keep the haters amazed...ohhhhh you see that ( RAPPER ON THE LOW) LMAO alright for real this time...
I am eccentric but always passionate and stand true to my beliefs. I love life and all forms of art...Im a very dedicated person always interested in learning and creating on a daily basis. I love staying busy.....I live off the drive of hard work. I also have a love for writing, drawing and photography. Dont be amazed when you see my name under all the credits. Im just talented like that!!!!!

Q. What do you think of white kitkats?
A. Is that a trick question.. I effing love white kitkats.. everybody knows that!!!
Ummm do you have one? break me off a piece

Q. What's your logo? and what does it mean?
A. My thumb like right???? lol nobodys finger prints are alike...not even twins it goes right back to being unique, not duplicating nothing...
what better way to brand my logo but with my thumb print... yup!!! thumbs up...

Q. Are you only coming out with other items besides bags?
A. Yes, I would never just limit myself to bags,,, I use to make jewelry so I'm gonna try that again but right right now I have bags, tshirts and headbands.
check them out @

Q. What you think of Thee Kloz-it?
A. The Kloz-it is kool... cant wait for it to be out for the world to see.

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