Monday, May 18, 2009

Showing Tatiana

Hey girl, stumbled across your blog and enjoyed it. My name is Tatiana and I rep Queeeens, whattup? LOL but serioulsy I just wanted to say I think its great that you are staying true to yourself and doing what you do.. not a lot of people follow their own path now a days feel me? I also wanted to ask if your hair is naturally curly like that or if you got it permed.. I was wondering about perming my hair but I'm a little scared lol. And also, do you have any tips on how to actually walk in heels? Lmao.. prom is in a few weeks and I bought these shoes but I walk like I'm about to fall on my face! Thanks in advance<3

My Respond
Hey tatiana thanx so much for the email that means a lot to me. I must keep real cause I don't then who will. Lol my hair is naturally curly I use relax my a year ago and cut it off and grew back little by little. I don't think you should perm your hair at all. Question do you dye your hair? Instead of perming your hair maybe you should try small roller sets. I do that sometimes. For walkin in heels practice everyday one foot in front of the other *do not bounce* if you feel like your bouncing it won't look good nor sexy lol one more thing hop jump and skip with them I do that with all my new shoes lol and I would love to put this message on my blog with my response may I? And again thanx for the love take care

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