Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Questions = More Answers

Many people have questions and for those many people I have answers.

Q. What is your personal style?
A. I really never had a style, I wear what I like
what feels right and makes me feel comfy.

Q. What do you think makes you stand out among
other females? what's your x-factor?
A. I would have to say my x factor is my persona the
way I carry myself and my energy.

Q. Whats your favorite photo of yourself? why?
A. I dont have one I love them all even if I hate them
they represent me at my worst or at my best.

Q. Are tattoos/piercings somethig you consider a problem or
advantage in the industry?
A. Depending what idustry you would like to conquor,
if your into high fashion it wont be a good idea to start
getting a sleeve if you know what I mean, and if they love
you and want to shoot with you they'll air brush it, so it's all
on you.

Q. What is the hardest thing for you as a model? Do you like being
a model?
A. I would have to say dealing with ignorant people. But i do
love being a model.

Q. How are you able to control your face while on a photoshoot?
A. Practice makwes perfect. I love being in the mirror.

Q. Many female models become video girls, do you see yourself taking
this step in the future?
A. If it would benefit me and open doors, yes why not.

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