Saturday, November 27, 2010

If You Work Hard Towards Your Dream They Come True

Dream Work is the name and he has the ability to create you in his world, not only with his own technique of painting also the words he has written. These are just a few pieces of work he has created viewers there are more to come. I personally had the pleasure to do a collaborated with him. A written piece Vs. and A piece of art work, he makes you bring out your hidden talent and challenges your uniqueness.. Everyone knows and feel that I Eujenya is a unique person but he tested my creative ability. I passed with flying color. A person that makes you feel no less than a artist and no less than a person Dream Works is Art himself.

The Collaborations

The life to live
is the life u get
when you expect
the best, you end up with regret
that makes you reflect on nothing but,
your past you try not to remember
cause when you do you surrender
December... one of the coldest months out the year
can't stop thinking of that damn September the 12 i can't remember
but i cant remember that day but it looks so familiar
so i rather not look nor complain of the non memories of what day?
but i know some day i mean some days
i think about it
but now and days i lie about it
so i keep it to my self
cause only self will let self rest and not stress of nothing less
but maybe if i have more of this nothing it can fill up and be something
while nothing fills i leak
and pour more of me into this month and day
to find out why it makes me act this way
my actions are more than words and movements
i think about it so much it leaves me clueless
now i look back and i tag my thoughts, my thoughts i think
are more then ideas or conclusions
my thoughts are you
now I'm getting nervous because the 12Th is coming
and i have a many things to do and find out that lays beneath the last look in your eyes
pass the roots of your mind i find hope
no the roots of your soulless eyes
which means your body has no life for me to look into
in search i go can you help?
look for new life
there is no life after the light that has been lit
i walk with you through darkness to light my path

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