Monday, September 6, 2010


my mind is racing
the battle is between my thoughts and feelings
the battle as been ongoing for quite some time
no one is to say when it will be done
will it ever be over
my thoughts goes against my feelings
because my thoughts believe my feelings are making me weak
my feelings think I'm just to thinking to much and i should ride the wave
my thoughts feel if i let my feelings get the best of me
i will drown
and my feelings think that my thoughts Will just keep me a float for the sharks
so do i go with the feelings or my thoughts
the unknown
just snuck in the race
now what
what to feel what to think
now my thoughts and feeling are running faster
now has to know
joined the race
feeling thoughts unknown has to know
are all racing fighting this battle
blow for blow
and the winner is
its a three way tie
blood sweat and tears
win the race.

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