Thursday, October 29, 2009


Can't breath, can't see, my stomach is killing me
omg I know something is wrong, I feel in my bones
I can't sleep at night I, I, I can't even remember
what I wanted to say. (long pause)
As I take this deep breath I feel my soul just
leave my body with no warning, the words can't
explain how I feel.
Can you hear me, see me, can you feel me
touch your hand. He said you might
Did you see me run out the room crying.
If you did I'm sorry, I know you couldn't say much.
but I didnt know how to react.
That was the last time i saw when you were warm
like a summer morning in our home land.
Can you hear me, see me, can you feel me
touch your hand. I dont think so cause your
cold, cold as ice and now your sleep
no worries, no more pain.
Your the strongest person I've ever known
You were brain dead, you had to many tubes
I couldn't bear,your heart couldn't take
anymore, and now your gone......
Now I live with the guilt, I should have
been there more I'm sorry uncle.
I know your looking over me I will always
remember your smile and laugh, lol you
were the coolest uncle ever. xoxoxoxo

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