Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Beliz by Eujenya

I can't find my soul
I don't know where it's at
I've search and search
and still no luck
I have asked you my lord
For some strength and guidance
I thought I heard him say
You have
No soul
You have
No goals
You are lost my child
And that's when I knew
I knew
That the devil is still alive
I do have soul
I do have goals
I'm not lost
I lost myself
In lies and deception
Deception and lies
No wonder I lost myself
While looking into my own eyes
I sat here and believed
So many lies I let my insecurity
Take the best of me
Noooooo my soul!!!!!!!!
My poor soul
NOW rich with security
A soul is never lost
Just over looked with no sign
No need need to soul search

*this poem is for my better half my bestfriend K.beliz you will never stand alone*

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